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About us

We Introduce Ourselves As A Manufacturers of Electrical Control Panels, A.C & D.C Drives, MCCB, L.T Panel & AMF Panels etc. We are in This Field Since More Than Two Decades And Have Successfully Installed Our Drives In Various Types Of Industries Backed Up By Prompt Services All Over The Country.

Today We Manufacture About 800 A.C & D.C Drives From Fractional HP to 600 HP & Above In Modular Form And As Well As In Customized PLC based Panels. Among The Drives We Manufacture Constatnt Torque,Constatnt Hp, Constant Current(Hyperbolic Tension winder drives) Constant Tension ,Four Quadrant/ Regenerative Drives, Standard Modules, Economic modules, A.M.F Panel, Auto Synchronizing of D.G Set panel.(From 20KVA To 800 KVA )

We Are Excusive OEM Suppliers a brief list of our OEM is attached herewith, We Are Also Manufacturing The L.T Panels, Power Panels etc. for the project according to the Constant Parameters.

With an industrial experience of more than three decades in this industrial domain, we have been offering our clients with a line-up of control panel board that are widely appreciated fortheir high-performance and reliable functioning.

1. Electrical Control Panel forvarious Industries.
2. Electrical Control Panels for D.G. Sets type Standard, A.M.F., Loa Paralleling of D.G. To D.G.
3. D.C. Drives type Thyrister dimmerstate.
4. Microprocessor Controllers.
5. P.C.C., LT & MCC Panels.
6. Electrical Control Panels for Submersible Pumps.
7. Electrical Control Panel for Road Construction Machines Like Hot Mi Wet Mix & Mobile Plant.
8. Energy Saving Controllers.
9. Control Panel For Printing Machines.
10. Plasma Pyrolyser Machine Control Panel.
11. Pipe Line Project (VFD Synchronizing Panels)
12. Control Panel for Extruder Machine.
13. Control Panel for Pulverizing Machine.
14. Auto Power Saving Control Panel (APFCR Panels)
15. Fully auto PLC type Control Panel for various Industries.


1. Textile Industries
2. D.G. Sets Industries.
3. Plastic Industries.
4. Cement Industries.
5. Da i ry I nd ustries.
6. Road Construction Industries.
7. Power Industries.
8. Pipeline Projects.
9. Packing Industries.
10. Paper, Rexin & Paper Printing Industries.
11. Marble Industries.
12. We also supplied Electrical Control Panel to Govt., Semi Govt. & Private